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Spiritual Art Glass

Giving and Receiving: 

As you view this work of art, please be reminded of how important the act of giving and receiving are in our lives.   Over the last year, I have been working to create a utilitarian bowl shape.  As I refine the technique, I was aware of how important the analogy of a bowl and our lives can be. 

When a bowl is full, it gives.   So the analogy is perfect for our life.  When we are joyful, optimistic, are satisfied and excited about our lives, we share.  We radiate a loving presence and give our energy to those we meet.  We are giving our self in an unconditional way. 

When a bowl is empty it receives.  Again, the comparison with life is ideal.  We may find ourself desperate, angry, bitter, and depressed.  Our 'bowl' is empty.  Those negative emotions are so powerful, it makes it difficult to look for and receive the help of others.  We have a hard time humbling our self to ask for or be able to accept from those whose 'bowl' is full. 

Their is a powerful and Loving act in each of the two scenarios.  When our 'bowl' is full we can give unconditionally.  Knowing we have everything we need, and the future holds all else that is good.  Our act of giving unconditionally seems natural.  It is without expectations and just with Love. 

Receiving can be the most difficult.  Our conditioning has taught us that we should 'pay' back when gifted.  Yet, if someone gives without expectation of receiving anything in return, then why do we feel guilty when we do not reciprocate.  In fact, when we have a need to return to the giver, we do not allow them the pleasure of giving unconditionally. 

All of my bowls are created with the intention:  Every time you view or hold this bowl, let it be a reminder of how important it is to 'Give Unconditionally' and 'Receive with Grace'.   My desire is to create a beautiful piece of art, and promote a shift in our ways of Giving and Receiving. 

Please consider contacting me or coming to a show I am participating in.  I would be honored to create or have you own a bowl with the intention of 'Giving and Receiving'.



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